hey y'all!

Hello! I’m so glad you wondered over to my little blog. While you’re here, let me tell you about myself.

My name is Addison but some people call me Addy. I am from a small town outside of Charlotte, North Carolina.

I am a student at Liberty University! LU is the best school on earth. But seriously. I study Christian Ministry at LU with minors in Old Testament history and Women’s Ministry.

I am a Harry Potter fanatic! I live and breath all things Ron Weasley (us redheads have to stick together).

I love to bake! I like to think of myself as a cross between Betty Crocker and The Pioneer Women.

Reading is my thing. Nerd Herd Book Club member at your service.

I love Jesus. Every nerve, atom, and microbe in my body worships His holy name.

My blog is casual, just like me. I’ll be writing about my life, my adventures, my faith walk with Christ, and whatever else happens to pop up in my mind.

Thank you for visiting!

God bless.

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